Welcome to a world that’s easy to control

Welcome to a world that’s easy to control


Stop wrestling with complicated remotes and inconvenient apps and simplify the way you control your TV and home. Meet Smart Remote, the only remote control you’ll ever need.

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  • “…a magic wand for your smart home”

  • “It seems like there might finally be a solution that condenses every remote you have (and some you didn’t know you had) into one.”

  • “This context-aware wand outshines other universal remotes by controlling whatever it’s pointed at”

  • “Sevenhugs made a smart remote that’s truly universal”

Control it all with one remote

TVs & Projectors

TVs & Projectors

Media Players

Media Players

Cable & Satellite Boxes

Cable & Satellite Boxes

A/V Devices

A/V Devices

Game Consoles

Game Consoles





Make all your devices easy to use

Just point

Smart Remote knows what you’re pointing at and automatically displays the right controls.

Just point

Simple controls

Instantly control any device with intuitive touchscreen controls.

Simple Controls

One-touch automation

Do several things with a single press: turn on TV, change A/V input, launch Netflix, dim lights, and more.

One-Touch Automation

Shareable experience

Smart Remote makes it easy for anyone to take control. No complicated remotes. No apps to download.

Shareable Experience

Compatible with your favorite devices & services

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All providers compatible with the remote All providers compatible with the remote

That remote you’ve always dreamt of
finally exists.

Unified Control

Unified control

Enjoy the convenience of using one remote to control your TV, lights, music, and more.

Point Magic Control

Adaptive display

When you point Smart Remote at any device, it automatically displays the right controls.

One touch automation

One-touch automation

Combine multiple actions or control multiple devices with a single press of a button.

Infrared Wifi

Wi-Fi, infrared & more

Control devices via Wi-Fi, and infrared or via compatible smart hubs.

Infrared Learning

Infrared learning

Teach Smart Remote to control any infrared device by capturing IR codes from its remote.

  • Remote device in your living room
  • Control your sound system
  • Charge your smart remote easily

Setup Is Super Easy

Room Sensors

1. Install Room Sensors

Place three sensors in the primary room you want to use Smart Remote.

Add devices and services

2. Add devices & services

Use the Smart Remote app to add everything you want to control.

Locate devices and control them

3. Locate & control them

Set the location you want to point at to control each device.

“We believe technology should simplify home life and bring us closer to the things we enjoy”

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