Improve the whole family's sleep

Track and improve your sleep together, while making your home a healthier place.

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Children are not getting enough sleep and a remarkable number of children have sleep problems. 
We need to help parents with positive sleep practices so that their children can get the sleep they need to be able to function at their best during the day.

Dr Jodi A. Mindell, pediatric sleep specialist

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Revolutionary for children. It’s unbelievable, but they sleep peacefully.

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A convenient way to set your kids bedtime.

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A quality product – well made and the service is extraordinary.

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Environmental sensors for a healthier home

hugOne monitors temperature and humidity in every bedroom as well as indoor air quality thanks to its advanced Volatile Organic Compound sensor. hugOne will help you maintain the perfect bedroom environment and will notify you if the air quality in your home needs attention.

Safe communication system

minihug does not use or need WiFi or Bluetooth in the bedroom. When minihug senses your presence, its shuts off its electronic transmissions and starts recording your sleep data until you wake up and are no longer in bed.

Natural light system

Connect hugOne to your smart bulbs*. Fall asleep naturally with sunset light and wake up refreshed with sunrise light.

Automatic control of your home temperature

hugOne controls your connected thermostat*. It will automatically adjust your home to your preferred night-time temperature when it senses that everyone is in bed, and return back to your preferred daytime temperature as soon as everyone is awake in the morning.

The Sevenhugs application for iOS
Insights for the entire family

All family members’ sleep behaviors, as well as your home environment data, can be accessed anytime and anywhere on the Sevenhugs mobile application.

Wake up at the perfect time

The Sevenhugs App offers a unique and innovative alarm clock that helps identify the best moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up in the morning so you feel refreshed.

Personalized sleep advice

Get personalized advice to improve your sleep. Track the improvement of your sleep score.

Easy installation

Place the tiny minihug sensor in one corner of the bed, under the mattress cover, and let it monitor your sleep cycles.

All you need to do is sleep

There is no need to wear anything during the night and no need to synchronize or recharge anything. All you need to do is sleep.

Sleep better, enjoy more

Sleep is the third pillar of health, diet and exercise being the other two. When we sleep poorly, other aspects of our health decline as well. Sleep is not only important for adults, it is also an essential building block for our children's health, well-being and academic success.

Technology and design for a brand new family experience

hugOne offers a new experience by changing the way we care about our nights’ sleep.
More than technology, we believe products should help us care about our loved ones.
This is why we designed hugOne to be used by the entire family.

Inside the box
    2 minihugs
    USB adapter

1 hugOne and 2 minihugs sensors
equipped with 2x CR2032 batteries
USB cable and USB wall adapter
Quick user guide

hugOne in the press
hugOne will monitor your entire family’s sleep and helps you all sleep better!
Monitor the sleep behavior of the whole family.
hugOne distinguishes itself from the other tracking systems on the market.
Temperature sensor
Ranges from 0°C to 60°C / 32°F to 140°F
Humidity sensor
Ranges from 0 to 100%
Volatile Organic Compound meter
Ranges from 450ppm to 20,000ppm
Sleep monitoring sensor
Monitors sleep quality and quantity
Tracks sleep cycles
6 months battery life
Safe communication mode
minihugs sensors stop electronic transmissions during the night
1-year warranty and support
Free App for iOS (available soon on Android)

No subscription fees
Free access to your online personal data


WiFi 802.11b/g/n compatible
Security: WEP/WPA/WPA-2-personal
Long-range wireless connection between hugOne and the minihugs


WiFi router and Internet access
Public Hotspots not supported
iOS required for set-up (soon on Android)